Tomorrow (The Absurdity of Procrastination)

Today I find myself stuck in a deep, deep hole with no clear way of escape.

Helpless, alone, unable to reach forth. A path to freedom eluding me.

My mind caught in a sort of quicksand; confounded, constrained by a fate

beyond my control. Reason and intellect fail. Only my death can I foresee.

Tomorrow is an ethereal concept at this point. Nothing more than a dream.

What I would forfeit for another twenty-four hours and a chance at a different destiny.

So my weary, feeble hope must persevere yet a little longer it seems

as tomorrow barely remains within my grasp as my one and only prospect for clemency…


5 thoughts on “Tomorrow (The Absurdity of Procrastination)

  1. iamsofree says:

    tomorrow will take care of its self, live today.


  2. ws141 says:

    Yes. That was the point of this post. Waiting, instead of doing something about her predicament right away, is a pretty dumb idea.


  3. tomorrow may shower your due happiness on you.


  4. ws141 says:

    Thank you, Sharmishtha!


  5. Hope is a wonderful gift.


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