Waiting for the ice cream truck

Cherry-cheeked giggling girls

like laughing lollipops

romp and spree like carefree larks

leaping and swaying

swinging and playing

and singing their jubilant song.

Ruddy-faced glad little lads

with tousled hair and muddy sneaks

like young colts in playful revolt

running and jumping

banging and bumping

and pranking all the day long.


2 thoughts on “Waiting for the ice cream truck

  1. thinkingiswrite says:

    I really enjoyed really this poem. I loved your similes and vivid descriptions of the girls & boys. It’s sounds like they all are excited about getting ice-cream. (If you didn’t label the title as “Watching for the ice cream truck”, I would have assumed that the poem took place after they ate from the Icecream truck because of how excited they are behaving. Lol) I smiled the whole time reading this. ☺Good job!
    Love, Kay Lynté ❤


  2. thinkingiswrite says:

    Reblogged this on thinkingiswrite.


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