Oh My God

Well, the title of this blog is from Shakespeare: This great stage of fools.

So I’m unfortunately duty-bound to show this:

Alabama pastor holds “whites only” conference

Christian Identity Ministries is holding a three-day conference for so-called “white Christians” who contend they have been treated unfairly, the Rev. Mel Lewis told local TV station WSFA. Lewis, the organizer and keynote speaker, says they have the right, like any other Americans, to worship how they wish…

Sorry. I really wish this was a joke.



11 thoughts on “Oh My God

  1. iamsofree says:

    my god indeed, i hope it is a joke or at least the source of information is not accurate,

    if it is true, well we can only wish them well and hope they find the only white god while at it


  2. egon33 says:

    Thats pretty sad


  3. Pechorin says:

    Would you object to an all-black conference? Of course not.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.


  4. ws141 says:

    What are you talking about, Pechorin? Blacks haven’t kept whites second-rate citizens for over four hundred years. No one ever said all whites are racists. You must know however, that reality is ugly.


    • Pechorin says:

      Blacks hold meetings just for blacks all the time. Asians hold meetings just for asians. People only object when whites meet or organize among themselves. Imagine what the people who call themselves “anti-racist” would say to a NAAWP or a “the (white) race” (like La Raza)! That’s why I say anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.


      • iamsofree says:

        True enough every race holds gatherings now and then, and it shouldn’t be an issue at all.

        My only problem is when religion is brought in to it . I find that disgusting , as we all know … according to the gospel god has no color.

        Even more interesting is that black people can get away with so much and yet they are hardly labeled as racist. I mean whats wrong with the whites coming together and marching along the Brooklyn bridge or using a church building to address their concrens? I dont see any wrong in that, but i do agree with ” this is a stage of fools” blog, it is wrong for a pastor to use religion whilest at it.

        It is their right to do whatever they want too , but of course lets not put god in the middle and i think this is why we all go wrong. Religion and politics… must never be mixed together.

        I am black woman and we call each other the N word , yet we feel extremely offended when a different race address us as such. If we can call each other ” such “, what then is offensive in a name that we are self promoting as blacks ? .

        If we take the N word as an insult i will think then it is time we stop self insulting , after all the way we see our selves is the very same way we would translate to the rest world. Just saying…


  5. So a group can give black only scholarships
    and the New Black Panther Party can intimidate voters
    yet a Christian group can’t hold a seminar for white people only? Sounds a bit hypocritical to me.


  6. ws141 says:

    Who said they couldn’t hold a seminar? They’re not breaking any laws, no one was arrested, no one’s rights were violated.


  7. But you think a whites only rally is wrong, otherwise you wouldn’t have blogged about it. And your lack of outrage at the blacks only scholarship, or the NBPP intimidating voters shows that on some level you agree with them.


    • iamsofree says:

      once again , we are mixing race with politics and god. big mistake , this is a war that only may be time will resolve.
      personally i don’t see what the big deal is anyways, white ,black, green, what ever…. we are all here.


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