My friend is gone

Asking why isn’t fair,

God won’t be listening.

He just doesn’t care.

He took my friend away.


His book will never say.

Keep your head down,

don’t drown in your tears

those fears can’t shroud

your pain.


my only cherished treasures,

are all that remain…


6 thoughts on “My friend is gone

  1. poetryandmusings says:

    beautifully written!


  2. ws141 says:

    Thanks, Kathleen, Christine. I just threw this together.


  3. iamsofree says:

    wooo, you ran with my mind on this one, i thought your friend died or something.

    you did capture us with your word and the rhythm is just outstanding. it flows…


  4. Jonathan says:

    This is certainly beyond mesmerizing…


  5. ws141 says:

    Thank you, Free, Jonathan. I really thought this was one of my worst pieces, but I’ll gladly accept the compliments!


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