You people

I have no desire to enter into the political debate, however recent events have forced me to at least address a singular issue that won’t seem to go away. The horrific tragedy in Aurora, Colorado has sparked heated, sometimes incomprehensible, words being thrown back and forth, as if whoever is on the receiving end is as evil a person as James Holmes himself.

I was just lambasted by an individual outside the United States, condemned as a violent sociopath because all Americans are gun-toting folks who shoot first and ask questions, well, never. Even after my attempts to dissuade this person from his beliefs, I was rebuffed.

Humans are a social species. We require contact with others of our own kind. Ah, but what constitutes “our kind”? If you were dropped into the middle of a jungle, you would run toward the first human you saw, no matter the color of the skin, or religious tilt. If, however, you met that same individual in different circumstances, such as a political rally, and you were of opposing camps, you would inevitably distance yourself from him.

We are a simple people. We all see the world as black or white, good or evil. If you’re a climate change denier, all climate change believers are less intelligent, less “good” than yourself and those with whom you agree. Conservatives are somehow “less” than liberals, if that’s what you happen to be. Yet, if you’re both Yankees fans and are at the park, you’re best buddies.

The point of this post is that I hope to see, and be seen, as more than just a part of a group. We must see each other as a people whose tendencies, feelings, hopes and dreams are more the same than they are different. The future of our society, nay, our species, demands it.


12 thoughts on “You people

  1. DaPoet says:

    Re: We are a simple people.

    Unfortunately simple people tend to be fools. They also tend to waste their minds by failing to exercise their intellectual capacity by choosing to remain ignorant instead of seeking enlightenment by reading books.

    Hence my comment this morning to one of my coworkers who commented on my reading: Most people waste their minds while I seek to improve the mind I don’t have by reading.

    Of course the irony of my comment just flew over his head or rather in one ear and out the other without making an impression.

    James Holmes on the other hand is much more than an evil person – he is a predator {just like the rest of us humans} who willfully choose to act out his predatory impulses in a movie theater, tragically, filled with fans of the Dark Knight Trilogy.


  2. ws141 says:

    Thank you, DaPoet. You said it better than I!


  3. Brad Stanton says:

    I lived overseas for ten years and found the same thing happened in the country i lived in in Asia, they just didn’t advertise it like we do. Don’t worry it goes on everywhere, especially in the middle east.


  4. ws141 says:

    Thank you, Brad.


  5. sanclementejedi says:

    So sad 😦 nothing is going to change no political will power to have any rational gun control laws. I’m no tree hugging hippie, I own a gun but I don’t need a military assault rifle of a 100 bullet clip.


    • Bodrie says:

      What is sad is that it is gun control laws that are responsible for this tragedy. If more people carried guns this never would have happened. But because he knew that no one would be armed, he could have confidence in knowing he could carry out his deed with impunity.

      Gun Control laws only make us less safe – everytime they are tried. An armed society is a polite society.

      A Gun Enthusiast Speaks


      • sanclementejedi says:

        Im not sure if the answer is to have more armed people, without training, carrying weapons around. Hell most people can’t even drive their cars correctly, and we expect them to be able to correctly handle a firearm?
        I am a gun owner myself, but to me the idea of making it easier to have military grade weaponry in the hands of the ordinary citizens seems a bit kooky, and is the reason I am no longer a member of the NRA.


      • Bodrie says:

        Well I agree that we don’t want armed people who aren’t trained walking around with guns. Anyone who carries a weapon should carry it responsibly. A responsible, trained, gun owner, would never even draw their weapon unless it was abslolutely necessary.

        I am a strong advocate of proper training for all gun owners, and most gun owners are trained. They seek out training from people like me as I am an NRA certified instructor and Range Safety Officer.

        “Military grade weaponry”, as you called it, is just a tool. It is the same as many hunting tools (guns), shoots the exact same ammunition in the same quantities and it is very popular. Many people use it for hunting now days. The only difference is the look.

        You will never be able to legislate away crazy. Lack of laws or gun restrictions is not the problem. The proliferation of gun laws is.



      • Bodrie says:

        Since I posted my reply to sanclementejedi the other day, wherein I stated, If more people carried guns this never would have happened, I found an article in the “Gotham” City Daily News of all places that supports that very notion. It’s amazing, coming out of the city where citizens are afraid to go out after dark because of all of the draconian gun laws that have taken guns out of the hands of everyone but the criminals, that they would publish such a revealing article. It is an interesting read that cites actual cases in support of the premise, and I hope you read the piece linked here. I am calling attention to it here because I think it is important that this issue is explored in more depth and hopefully understood.



  6. ws141 says:

    You sound like a fair-minded reasonable person. I consider us to be like-minded. Though I’ve never owned a gun, I see no reason why you shouldn’t be afforded that right.


  7. The seed of violence is in all men. It is restrained by custom, convenience and conformity much more than by pure conscience. Jesus said as much about the human heart left unadjusted by Grace. Tough words, but the answer is more of Christ within for the simple asking…Doug Blair


  8. ws141 says:

    Thank you, Doug. I’ve been reconsidering spirituality lately.


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