How in God’s name
does the ivy continue to grow
look at me I know you
I know what happened
I know exactly what you did
prayers bounce off
your shell-shocked skull
tell me what’s in the bag
say it
say the words
the ice is very thin
this far away from home
take another step
I fucking dare you
the bricks are starting to fall
just like you predicted
I wonder, I just have to wonder
how the hell you knew…

– Kurt Poleet


“At present I would prefer not to be a little reasonable,’ was his mildly cadaverous reply.” – Herman Melville, Bartleby, the Scrivener


4 thoughts on “Stray

  1. ws says:

    I expect to get a lot of flack about this piece. Hell, I welcome it. Either you won’t understand it; or if you do, you’ll be viscerally upset.
    Each word was specifically chosen and placed exactly where it had to be. There is a hidden rhythm and rhyme-scheme, but I could care less if you unlock those mysteries.


  2. Very raw. It made me feel a sad and a little angry.


  3. gertloveday says:

    Fantastic opening and yes, it hits you in the guts.


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