Waves slap port and starboard

Tens of thousands raise their heads to the heavens
address the elbow
vast voices sing angelic praise
paper cuts, bleeding fingers, stubbed toes
the goat desperately bleats in the forlorn fog
address the elbow
the hourglass shows we’re out of time
politicians finally admit their crimes.

Waves slap port and starboard
we all live in cardboard boxes
and feast on wild dogs and foxes
address the elbow
forgiveness is our ultimate weapon
slinking, slanking Stars and Stripes
slanking, slunking sulking sows
so soon, no noontime tea and truffles
the chicken soup is way too salty
address the elbow…

– Kurt Poleet


“There is no way of finding a single absolute truth, an irrefutable argument which might help answer the questions of mankind. Philosophy, therefore, is dead, because whereof we cannot speak, thereof we must be silent.” – Arthur Seldom, The Oxford Murders


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